CIVICA is a statewide, nonpartisan nonprofit organization, whose purpose is to increase Latino community engagement and voter participation in California, regardless of party affiliation. Led by nonpartisan political campaign veterans, CIVICA is dedicated to increasing Latino voter turnout among low and moderate propensity Latino voters, beginning with the 2018 primary election. Nonpartisan, bicultural and bilingual, CIVICA is not a campaign, but a civic engagement effort aimed at substantially increasing Latino voter turnout regardless of party affiliation statewide. Our proven education and outreach approach will deliver results.

There is a growing and compelling interest to see a growth in the effort to inform and educate the Latino community nationally and in California. Over the long term, the growth of the Latino community and it's voters will reshape the United States, from home-ownership and our economy, to the way in which policy issues like healthcare, education and retirement are treated. 

Nationally, a record 25.2 million Latinos were eligible to vote in the 2014-midterm elections, due in large measure to steady population growth. Despite a growing national presence, Latino voter participation has not kept pace with its growth. In California, Latinos today represent the most populace ethnic group yet lag far behind in terms of the overall share of the voting electorate.

Faced with dismal Latino voter turnout at all levels – local, state and national – and a corresponding lack of resources targeting the Latino community, CIVICA is here to address the growing need for a focused, non-partisan approach to educating the Latino community and impacting Latino voter behavior and turnout.